Term Dates

The school year runs from January to December, and is divided into three terms. Classes normally begin at 7:45am and end at 2:30pm. Generally a scholastic year has 185 to 190 school days.



Term Starts Monday 18th January (except S2 – S5)
Tuesday 19th January (S2 – S5)
Term Ends Friday 16th April
School Holidays
Friday 5th March
Monday 8th March
Public Holidays Friday 2nd April : (Good Friday)
Monday 5th April: (Easter Monday)
Term Duration 13 Weeks
School Days 61 Days
Vacation Starts Saturday 17th April
Vacation Ends Sunday 9th May
Vacation Duration 3 Weeks


Term Starts Monday 10th May
Term Ends Friday 6th August
A-level: Friday 7th August

School Holidays

Monday 21st June
Public Holidays Thursday 3rd June: (Corpus Christi)
Friday 18th June : (Constitution Day)
Monday 29th June : (National Day)
Term Duration 13 Weeks
School Days 61 Days
Vacation Starts Saturday 7th August
Vacation Ends Sunday 5th September
Vacation Duration 4 Weeks


Term Starts Monday 6th September
A’ Level: Monday 30th August
Term Ends Friday 3th December

School Holidays

Friday 29th October
Public Holidays Monday 1st November: (All Saints Day)
Term Duration 13 Weeks
School Days 63 Days
Vacation Starts Saturday 4th December
Vacation Ends Sunday 16th January 2022
Vacation Duration 6 Weeks

A Level : Vacation Duration for Term Two 3 Weeks

Normally exams end 2 days before the end of term.
Total Number of School Days : 185