Some Key Dates of the School’s Development until 2018

  • May 1993: start of the Independent School (Kindergarten, P1 and P2 classes) at Union Vale on property (part of H1119) leased from Heirs H. Savy


  • May 1994: Completion of first purpose-built School block. School  expands to S3  (one stream)


  • August 1994; Inauguration of Independent School


  • January 1995: Create a special S4 for students not choosing NYS


  • October 1996: First S5 class sit IGCSE set by C.I.E


  • January 1997: Receive IGCSE results; 83% of the 42 candidates obtain at least five A*- C grades. Set target for future cohorts at 85% minimum and almost all subsequent cohorts achieve that target


  • 2001: Independent School leases the whole property parcel H1119 and start construction to expand to two-stream


  • 2003: Independent School is a two-stream school


  • May 2005: Independent Schools Limited purchases property H1119


  • 2010: Independent School leases   from Government parcel H8678 at Ile du Port and two years later start construction to move the Secondary section there in order to expand to three stream and extend to A-level


  • February 2013: Start of A-Level section.


  • April 2013: Completion of the rest of Ile du Port Campus.


  • August 2013: Transfer of S2 – S5 classes from Union Vale to Ile du Port


  • September 2013: School becomes 3 stream (K1 to P5).


  • October 2013: Bridge between Union vale and Ile du Port completed


  • January 2014: School becomes three Stream (P6 – S3)


  • 4th August 2015: Inauguration of Ile du Port Campus and Bridge.