Friends of The Independent School

FRIENDS OF THE INDEPENDENT SCHOOL (FIS) was formed to facilitate fund raising for some projects at the school which are normally not funded under the Annual Budget.

        The objects of FIS can be shortlisted as follows:

  1. To raise funds and seek funding from private, corporate, as well as Government sources, to support the following:
  2. Establish sports and recreational facilities to benefit the students of the  school


  1. Equip specialist rooms which will enhance the teaching-learning process at the school


  1. Acquire and install equipment and facilities which will assist the institution in becoming more energy efficient and thus have a reduced impact on the environment


  1. Set up fully or partly-funded scholarships for students of merit, whose parents may be of limited means


  1. Set up and fund teacher-training scholarships, for students who aspire to become teachers at the Independent School


  1. Set up and fund local and overseas staff development programmes.


  1. Any project which assists the school in becoming an institution of excellence


  1. To subscribe to or become a member of or to enter into association or other arrangements with other bodies for the purpose of furthering the objects of the


  1. To manage, deal and invest the funds of the Association in such manner as may be determined by the


  1. To hire, employ or take on gratuitously all classes of persons considered necessary for the proper functioning and management of the


  1. To do such other things as may be incidental or conducive to or necessary for better attainment of the objects of the Association


  1. The above objects shall apply to alumni, staff and parents in so far as applicable and reasonable in the








  1. FULL MEMBERSHIP which shall entitle the holder thereof to be eligible to:
    • vote at the meeting of the Association
    • to serve on the Executive Committee (EC)
    • generally participate fully in the activities of the Association.


  1. HONORARY MEMBERSHIP which shall subject to Article 5 (ii) b, entitle the holder thereof to participate fully in the activities of the Club except vote at the meetings of the Association or serve on the






Alumni, members of staff, shareholders, parents with children registered at the Independent School, parents of alumni and all persons supporting the objects and mission of the school shall be eligible to become a full member of the Association.



A person is eligible to become a honorary member of the Association if his membership is proposed by at least five full members of the Association and his nomination is subsequently approved by the EC.