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History: 09/04/20
Business Studies: 09/04/20
French: 09/04/20
ICT: 03/04/20
Geography: 03/04/20
Subjects Topics Resources
ICT Theory: ·     Ppt file
·      Direct Data Entry Devices Go to Downloads
·      Output Devices.
·     Pages: 29 to 43 of Course book
·     Pages 8to 13 of Theory Workbook
Practical: ·     Pages 184 to 191 of Course book
·      File Management ·     Pages 5 to 7 of Practical Workbook
·     NB: refer to worksheet for those without workbook
Go to Downloads
• 44-57 pages course book
• Workbook theory: pg 14-21
• pg 268 – 271. read and make notes
• Understand what is a database, field, record, file.
• Difference between a flat file and relational database,
• Reasons for using relational database
• Datatypes.
• page 284 – Make notes on key features of a well-designed form.
• Practical workbook:  pages 31 – 33.
Theory worbookCourse book

Practical Workbook

Maths Revision Questions ( For S41, S42, S43) Go to Downloads
·     0580 S13 qp31(except Q9)
·     0580 S13 qp33 (except Q4,Q5)
·     0580 W13 qp31 (except Q7)
·     + marking schemes
English To review: Textbook
·      Summary Writing Unit 1 and 3
·      Report Writing
·      Writing e-mails Complete the activities
·      Note taking
·      Comprehension
·      Answering questions
(S43) Pages 17 & 18 – Reading- C: questions 1-5. Student Text book
Page 19-Language Focus: adverbs- D: questions 1, 2, 3 & 4.
PS- Ignore the pair work activities.
French Pg. 25 ex 3, 4 Tricolore total
Pg. 26 ex 2
Pg. 27 ex 3
Pg. 212 ex 1, 2, 3, 4
Pg 34 Ex 1 (a,b,c)IGCSE paper Oct/Nov 2015 (as practice)
-Reading paper
-Writing paper
-Speaking cards (for practice)
Tricolore Total 4
Geography Topic: Urbanisation
Read pg.52 to 55 in their textbook.
Do Task 1 to 4 on pg.52 to 53 and Task 1 to 6 on pg. 54 to 55.
ADDITIONAL QUESTION (iv Go to Downloads)● Do all questions on pg 60 – 61 Geography IGCSE textbook.
History Option B: The twentieth century: International Relations since 1919 Textbook: Cambridge IGCSE and O’Level  History Option B: The 20th Century  Second edition by Ben Walsh.
Current topic: To what extent was the League of Nations a success?
The League of Nations
Read from pages 34 to 43 and
Make notes on the following
• The aims of the League
• Membership of the league
• Organisation structure of the League on page 36 and 37
• The League border disputes in the 1920’s and successes pages 38-39
• The League’s commissions and committees page 41-42.
More notes and information will be provided please check on the school websites for regular update.
Textbook: Cambridge IGCSE and O’Level  History Option B: The 20th Century  Second edition by Ben Walsh.
The League in the 1930’sRead page 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47,48, 49, 50, 51.
1. The 3 main crises students will focus on are:
-The disarmament conference 1932-33
-The Manchurian crisis 1931
-The Abyssinian crisis 1936
2. Study and look at the evidence for the League’s failure from the incidents above. Make your notes and have questions prepared in case in doubt.
3. Next week there’ll be a practice questions on the League. So please read carefully.
4. Read through the attached power-point. [Top of Table]
Physics Electromagnetic Waves Course Book  (Pople) p162-165
·         Describe typical properties and uses of radiations in all the different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum including: Do  further Questions p168-169 Q1-Q12
– radio and television communications (radio waves)
– satellite television and telephones (microwaves)
– electrical appliances, remote controllers for televisions and intruder alarms (infrared)
– medicine and security (X-rays)
·         Demonstrate an awareness of safety issues regarding the use of microwaves and X-rays
Linear Motion: Speed ,velocity and acceleration
·         Define speed and calculate average speed from
total distance
         total time
·         Distinguish between speed and velocity
·         Define and calculate acceleration using
Change in velocity
         Time taken
Course Book  (Pople) p26-27
Do questions 1-9  on page 27
Chemistry ·         Structure and bonding. Topic 4 Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE.
·         End of topic revision questions. Page 60-61.
·         Answer all questions.
Complete Chemistry for Cambridge IGCSE.
·         Redox reactions. Topic 7 Page 88 -93.
·         Oxidation and Reduction in terms of oxygen and hydrogen.
·         Redox and electron transfer.
·         Redox and changes in in oxidation state.
Students to read the book and make notes on the same.
Students to attempt sample questions on page 89, 91, 93.
Answers are on page 290.
a) Video links :-Oxidation number: How to assign oxidation numbers in elements and oxidation number rules

-Oxidizing and reducing agents: How to identify oxidizing agent and reducing agent

b) Worksheet: REDOX REACTION (Top of Table)

Biology 1.       Transport in animals ( The mechanism of human heart, Blood vessels, Blood and the Lymphatic system) Page 113-122
2.       Pathogens and Immunity
(students to do end of chapter questions) Page 127-133
Accounting Kindly read chapter 2 unit 2 and 3. Also attempt all the questions.
Business Studies Kindly read the following chapters 3, 4 and 5. Also attempt all the questions.
Business Studies
1. To read on Trial Balance.2. Tutorial link on Trial Balance:
Literature Questions on the various poems from the Songs of Ourselves anthology
Students to read the poems and answer the corresponding questions. At least one per week
Students’ booklets
Prepared notes
Prepared questions
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