Secondary 3


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French: 09/04/20
Subjects Topics Resources
ICT ·       Creating Microsoft Access Tables
·       Working with Microsoft Access Tables
·       Sorting, Filtering, and Creating Relationships
Maths ·      NB. S32 STUDENTS: Go to Downloads for the Worksheets
First complete homework assigned on equations
EX 13D Q 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 11, 13.
·      New Topic: MONEY
o   History of money in Seychelles. View PDF. Can you find out more recent information?
o   Foreign Currency: Chapter 10.4 , Exercise 10D
o   Percentage discounts, profits and losses: Chapter 2.7 Percentage change Ex 2H
o   Simple & Compound Interests : Chapter 2.8, Ex 2I
o   Additional Worksheets
Substitute numbers in formulae; Make formulae; Change the subject of formulae
Ch 11. Read the instructions and go through the examples before attempting the Exercises. Attempt the questions in the following exercises. Ex 11A, 11B, 11C and 11D.Mark your work using the answer pages in your book.Then do the supplementary worksheet on Formulae
Go to Downloads
English UNIT 3 – JOURNEYS Textbook
Page 54-63
Research work in preparation for their speaking assessment- choose one of the following topics: Answer the looking closely and comprehension questions.
1.    Is animal testing ethical?
2.    Should adolescents be restricted in their use of the internet? Workbook
3.    Is homework beneficial? Page18-Writing a postcard
4.    Bullying and ways to stop it. Page 19-Travel vocabulary
5.    Who is responsible for climate change? Page23-Punctuating dialogue
Page 67-Answer the looking closely and comprehension questions
Page 69- Find the dictionary definitions for the words in the wordpool section
Page 70-Answer the comprehension question
Page 72- Find the dictionary definitions for the words in the wordpool section
Page 73 to 74- Answer the looking closely and comprehension questions
Page 77-Answer the comprehension questionsDelivering a Speech
By now you should have done your research work.
Go through the PowerPoint presentation in Downloads which will hopefully inspire you and give you ideas about how to structure and deliver you speech.
Along with your team members, compile a video which you should be ready to submit in two weeks’ time.
UNIT 4-WORKRefer to Downloads for:
1. S3 English Powerpoint presentation – 03.04.20
2. S3 English Speech Criteria – 03.04.20
French Pg. 26 ex 1 Tricolore total 3
Pg. 27 ex 2
Pg. 28 ex 1
Pg. 125 ex 4, 5, 6
Pg 30 Ex 1,2,3
Pg 31 Ex 4 (a,b)
Tricolore total 3
Geography Read pg13 to 19 in their textbook. Textbook
Answer all questions on pg. 15, 16 and 19.
Read pages 29 to 37 and answer the questions on page 32 activities, page 33 both activities and case study analysis. page 36 activities and page 37 case study analysis. Textbook
History Learning activities: History text book
Question 4: Pg. 23
Read relevant pages and make short notes of attitude of slavery in America. Page 24, 25, 26
Question time on page 26, answer questions 1, 2, 3 in exercise book or on a Microsoft Word document.
Question time on page 30.
Answer questions 1, 2, 3
Answer all questions in your class work exercise book Pg 27, 28, 29, 30
Choose one person and write the research as instructed using Microsoft Word document or in your exercise book. (Google search)
Textbook: Heinemann History Scheme into the twentieth century, Book 3 by Judith Kidd, Rosemary Rees and Ruth Tudor.
Black peoples of America-from slavery to equality?
Physics Physics Revision Refer to the Worksheets
Go to Downloads
Chemistry Atomic structure. Complete Chemistry for Cambridge Secondary 1 by Philippa Gardom Hulme
Periodic table (Groups I, II, VII) and periodic trends. Page 146 – 168
Students to do Review questions on page 168 -169
Biology Cells and Cells Structure Page 18 – 25
(students to do end of chapter questions)
Cell physiology – Movement of materials in and out of cells Page 28-35
( Osmosis, Diffusion and Active Transport)
(students to do end of chapter questions)