LESSONS during the school closure 2020

Teaching Special Education Online

Primary Information

 Kindergarten to Primary 2

  • No written work or handouts to be given
  • Engage in reading activities or interactive games online.
  • P2 students to revise what has been covered so far

-Refer to English Anthology, Science students’ book

Link: www.education.com/games/spelling

P3 to P6

  • Students should revise all topics covered for the different subjects as they will be assessed when we resume.
    English: books & work booksScience: students’ books, written and notes ex-booksHistory/Geography: written and notes ex-booksMaths: Practice topics covered.

    French: Activity books + ex-books revise topics covered.

P6 Cambridge Primary Checkpoint

Go on the following link to access sample past papers to practice

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint support material