Secondary Education

11+ to 14+ YEARS: S1-S3


The use of differentiated learning materials occurs to enable students to progress at appropriate levels.  A variety of teaching methods, mainly whole class teaching, but including group work, is used to allow all students to fulfil their potential.  All students receive an initial grounding in a wide range of subjects as preparation for the IGCSE Programme in S4 and S5, and follow PSE, and Physical Education. Guided option choices are made at the end of Secondary Year 3.


The common three year courses include English Language, French, and Mathematics, English  Literature,  Geography, History, Science,  Art and Design, and  ICT; in  S3 Science is taught as its three traditional components Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


14+ to 16+ YEARS: S4-S5


Students of this age bracket are usually in their final two years of secondary   education.   All   students   follow   the   compulsory subjects, English, French and Mathematics. Students are usually allowed to sit English as a Second language, and French as a foreign language at the end of S4.  Students then choose three or more  optional  subjects  from  the  subjects  on  offer,  and  also English as a First language. The optional subjects currently on offer are     History, English Literature, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business Studies, Accounting and ICT. For balance students must choose at least one   Humanities subject and one Science. Additional non-assessed subjects are PSE and Physical Education.


At S5 students are also given the opportunity to sit for the DELF, an official diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify that foreign candidates have achieved a certain level of French.. Our students usually opt for one of these three diplomas: DELF A2, DELF B1 and DELF B2.