Progress Reports

At Kindergarten Level, assessments are carried out continuously. Any issues of concern are dealt with immediately in consultation with the Head teacher and parents. At the end of the academic year, a report based on the year’s performance is issued to each student.


As from Primary 1, parents are issued reports on their children’s performance at the end of each term. In addition, through PTA meetings, formal Parent-Teacher Consultations, Sports Day and other similar events that are organised at regular intervals, parents are being constantly updated on the development and progress of their children.


In the event that a student performs unsatisfactorily, the school will, upon discussion with parents, consider having him or her repeat the class if all other means do not produce the expected performance. A child may only repeat once in Primary, and once in Secondary.


Failure to reach the expected standard after repeating classes may result in the parents having to withdraw the child.