Primary Education

5+ to 11+ YEARS: P1-P6

In the lower classes, group work is considered beneficial, and children are encouraged to work together.  A high level of tuition is achieved in each class.  For the early years, emphasis is placed on Literacy and Numeracy when, very often pupils are taught in small groups, and those in need receive special needs support. Specialist subject teaching is increased in the higher classes, with specialist teachers delivering specific subjects.


The programme of study is constantly reviewed and updated, in line with new developments in all areas of education, but also with due regard to the requirements of the Secondary Programme mind.


Therefore, in 2014, the Primary Section adopted the Cambridge Primary Syllabus in three subjects; English, Maths and Science. The School hopes to administer Cambridge International Examination Primary Checkpoint Exams at the end of Primary 6.


Furthermore, Personal and Social Education is now a time tabled subject from Primary 1 to Primary 6.