3+ to 4+ YEARS: K1


This is the age that convinces a child that school is either fun or a nightmare. It should be exciting, stimulating and satisfying in order that the first sentiment holds true. Children of this age bracket begin to develop their social language, aesthetic and academic skills in a gentle way through play, music, drama, art and handicraft.  As they progress through the year, basic letter and number work is introduced, again in a fun-oriented way, using songs and nursery rhymes that are easily learnt and more often than not, remembered throughout their lives.


4+to5+ YEARS: K2


Foundations laid in the first year are reinforced, and a more formal approach to learning is introduced in order to prepare children for the more formalised teaching methods that will be used in their later school years. The three ‘R’s (reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic!) are introduced in a paced and progressive manner best suited to their individual needs.   This ensures that the children are well grounded in the skills necessary for natural progression through their later school years.