School Counsellors: A Valuable Resource for You during Covid-19 Lockdown and online Learning

Are your children’s emotions on a roller-coaster ride as they try to adapt to the new normal and online learning?

Does lockdown and remote learning pose as a challenge for you and the kids? Do you need someone to talk to? The school counsellors of independent school are available to assist you.

The Independent school counselling service assist students facing potential problem areas like behavioural/emotional issues, bullying (cyber-online) situations, improving study skills and much more.

School counsellors are there to help students, and families, better handle the challenges that students today face especially with the on-going coronavirus pandemic. We can provide proven techniques and approaches that might assist in coping with problem areas during this time.

As we face a new and challenging school year do take advantage of all your school counsellors have to offer. Parents can contact us if they notice any sudden changes in their child’s attitude, behaviour or any slipping grades. That’s when the school counsellors can make a real difference.

So this year, early in your child’s school year, make an effort to use this very valuable educational resource.

An early meeting to discuss with the school counsellor as soon as you notice any challenge your child is facing will provide early help and you can learn what assistance might be available.

We can be reached on the following numbers during school hours;
Ms Ayuk 2630013
Ms Denise 2606026