Learning at Independent School


The school comprises two sections:


  1. The Kindergarten and Primary Section K1 to P6 and


  1. The Secondary Section S1 to A-Level


The kindergarten caters for children from the age of three, for a maximum  period  of  two  years,  and  its  main  objective  is  to prepare them for formal education that normally begins in primary.


The primary section caters for children from age five through to eleven, classes ranging from Primary one through to Primary six. This section prepares students for the more exam-oriented Secondary school.


The secondary section entails five years of secondary education, its pre-requisite being the successful completion of primary school.   Secondary School S5 students sit for the University of Cambridge International Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE).  The Advanced Level students in the secondary section sit for the Cambridge Advanced Subsidiary Level examinations in their first year and sit for the Cambridge Advanced Level examinations at the end of their second year.