Holiday Camps

  1. P6 camp
    The first P6 Camp too place in 2005. The camp, a three day “Out of Class Learning Experience” as known to students, exposes them to nature where they get to appreciate and value the importance of their environment through numerous visits organised around the island. 


  2. S5 Camp
    Every year, during the April/May school holidays, a group of S5 students, enthusiastically board Cat Cocos en route to La Digue, fully aware that for the following five days they will be living outside their comfort zone; away from their parents and from technology. 




  • Opportunity for Personal Development
  • Character Building
  • Learning experience away from the classroom
  • Integration of the two classes
  • Learn some basic practical / domestic skills
  • Experience being away from home.
  • Learn more about the conservation efforts being undertaken in Seychelles
  • Know more about the history and geography of the Seychelles’ granitic islands



  • Same behaviour as at the school
  • No drugs/tobacco/alcohol (or other dangerous substances)
  • No cell phones and any other electronics devices
  • No visitors at base camp
  • Only parents/guardians can contact you via the school mobile numbers
  • No one to leave camp without permission
  • Students should leave camp in groups of 3 or more
  • Should be back at base by 6.00 p.m. latest
  • No swimming without adult supervision
  • No boys in the girls’ dormitories
  • No girls in the boys’ dormitories
  • No noise in the dormitories once lights are out



  • The school reserves the rights to check all the students’ belongings before, during and after camp
  • Infringement of any rules can result in the student being expelled from the camp.