Our Fees

Parents of new students have to pay an initial family deposit of SR. 7500.00 This deposit is payable only for the first child admitted to the school.  Subsequent children from the same family do not have to pay the deposit. The deposit is refundable only if a term’s notice is given to withdraw the child/children from the school and if all outstanding debts are cleared.

There is also an admission fee of SR.10,000.00 per child which is payable before the child commences schooling.

Thereafter, only the periodic tuition fees and the annual cost of teaching materials and supplies will be chargeable.

Tuition fees are payable in advance before the start of each term, and the rates are as follows:



* per term

P1 - P6


* per term

S1 - S3


* per term

S4 & S5


* per term

A Level


* per term

Failure to pay the fees by mid-term may result in the forfeiture of the parent’s deposit and loss of place for the student in the school.