Admissions Enquiry

Thank you for you query concerning admission to our school.

We are pleased to inform you that entry requirements for all students, irrespective of their nationality, are standard.  Our school caters for children from Kindergarten through to IGCSE ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels.


The school provides parents with a registration form that is to be completed for every child for whom placement is required.  There is a registration fee of SR.1000.00 that is payable on the submission of the registration form.  The form is obtainable from the school’s receptionist, Union Vale.

Registration forms must be completed and returned with the levies stipulated on them.


Parents of new students have to pay an initial family deposit of SR. 7500.00 This deposit is payable only for the first child admitted to the school.  Subsequent children from the same family do not have to pay the deposit. The deposit is refundable only if a term’s notice is given to withdraw the child/children from the school and if all outstanding debts are cleared.

There is also an admission fee of SR.10,000.00 per child which is payable before the child commences schooling.

Thereafter, only the periodic tuition fees and the annual cost of teaching materials and supplies will be chargeable.

I should like to point out, at this juncture that we have a long waiting list mainly for beginners (kindergarten applicants); students who require entry at higher levels are admitted only if places are available in those classes and, for classes P3 to S5, students have to attain a satisfactory grade in the school’s entrance examination for specific levels of entry.  We limit each class to 25 students.

In addition, the school will assess the candidate’s ability and potential to cope with the curriculum through:

  1. the child’s school reports of the previous three terms;
  2. the results of previous National Examinations sat by the child;
  3. A formal assessment in English and Mathematics (and possibly other subjects, if entering at higher levels in secondary).